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    • Popular Articles

    • What is MyData Portfolio?

      MyData® Portfolio is the all-encompassing, living record of your professional experiences, qualifications, and other career-relevant data, and is all about YOU! All the data you submitted in MyData Builder is now available to you in MyData Portfolio. ...
    • How do I turn my resume into a Word document?

      Keep in mind that your resumes are easily updated, either by updating the information in MyData® Portfolio or updating what's displayed on each individual resume. After a resume is created, there are a variety of resume templates available to update ...
    • How do I import my existing resume?

      In order to import an existing resume, follow along with the video or written instructions below: 1. Navigate to the homepage and click Get Started to begin the resume building process. 2. You should be presented with a window to import your resume. ...
    • Why would I include my pronouns?

      Individuals are increasingly including their pronouns in their social profiles, email signatures, name badges, etc. so that they can provide others with their preferred way of being addressed. It is entirely optional for you to include pronouns in ...
    • How do I create different versions of my resume?

      To create a new version of your resume, watch the video below or follow the written instructions: If you have already created a resume and would like to create a second one, click on the My Resumes drop down menu. You should see a green + button to ...