Entering Contact Information in MyData Portfolio

Entering Contact Information in MyData Portfolio

When entering your contact information in MyData® Portfolio, you're sharing how you would like to be contacted by employers. Required fields are indicated with an asterisk*

Location: Enter a zip code to lookup your location. Even if applying for remote jobs, employers will want to know your home location. 

Social Link: These fields allow you to add link to your social media sites, such as LinkedIn. Required format: http://www.yourlinkedin.com 
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    • Why do I have to create an account?

      By creating an account, your information will be saved in MyData® Portfolio. This allows you to edit and add to your information from any device, and create an unlimited number of resumes. Learn more here: What is MyData Portfolio?
    • How do I import my existing resume?

      In order to import an existing resume, follow along with the video or written instructions below: 1. Navigate to the homepage and click Get Started to begin the resume building process. 2. You should be presented with a window to import your resume. ...
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