What is MyData Portfolio?

What is MyData Portfolio?

MyData® Portfolio is the all-encompassing, living record of your professional experiences, qualifications, and other career-relevant data, and is all about YOU!

All the data you submitted in MyData Builder is now available to you in MyData Portfolio. To add more, modify, or delete data, visit MyData Portfolio. When you add or update data, it will then be available to add to any/all resumes you have created and saved to your account. Revisit MyData often to keep your employment profile up to date regardless of your current employment status.

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    • Entering Contact Information in MyData Portfolio

      When entering your contact information in MyData® Portfolio, you're sharing how you would like to be contacted by employers. Required fields are indicated with an asterisk*. Pronouns: Learn more about pronouns Location: Enter a zip code to lookup ...
    • Why do I have to create an account?

      By creating an account, your information will be saved in MyData® Portfolio. This allows you to edit and add to your information from any device, and create an unlimited number of resumes. Learn more here: What is MyData Portfolio?
    • How do I import my existing resume?

      In order to import an existing resume, follow along with the video or written instructions below: 1. Navigate to the homepage and click Get Started to begin the resume building process. 2. You should be presented with a window to import your resume. ...
    • How do I turn my resume into a Word document?

      Keep in mind that your resumes are easily updated, either by updating the information in MyData® Portfolio or updating what's displayed on each individual resume. After a resume is created, there are a variety of resume templates available to update ...
    • How do I customize what appears on a resume?

      In order to customize what information appears on your resume(s), view the following video or follow the written instructions below: 1. In order to prevent a certain section from appearing on your resume, click the icon of the eye next to the section ...